Left, Right & Bear Handed

LRBH - About Us

Assembled in Richmond California, we got our start with one tight hug. From there we developed our Left-Handed Goals, Right-Handed Dreams & Bear-Handed Beliefs. These goals, dreams and beliefs are what we use to create our lanes as we build our legacy.

Left, Right & Bear Handed LLC was established because where we come from, it really takes your left, right and bear hands to get life done the right way. When your left hand is mapping out goals, that right has to keep a tight grip on your dreams. Leaving nothing but your bear hands to make sure that you finish this life with a flexed Rolex and rocking chair. 

We don't just want to be another t-shirt company, but factors that contribute to our universal community; because we understand that our community can change the universe. We plan on doing anything we can by any means necessary in order to make ends meet. By supporting this family owned and operated project, you are supporting a brand that hopes to cultivate a culture that puts pride and purpose into everything they do. 

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